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Maple nail printer model and price

Maple S05A nail printer

Nail Printer Need Your own computer
Function:5 Nails,5 Artificial nails one time
Est. Weight: 15 Kg,Download Ebook
      Net Weight: 12 Kg For Business use!
USD 850.00

Maple S07A touchscreen nail printer

No Need Your own computer
Function: 5 nails one time,12 artificial nails
Est. Weight: 20 Kg,93 Painted Photoes
      Net Weight: 16.5Kg DEMO VCD Online
USD 1400.00

New Maple S03 roses printer

Roses Printer Computer Needed
Function: 3 roses one time
Est. Weight: 15Kg
      Net. Weight: 12 Kg For Business use!
USD 920.00

Maple S05 nail printer

Nail Printer Need Your own computer
Fuction:5 Nails,5 Toes ,5 Atificial Nails one time
Est. Weight: 17 Kg
      Net Weight:14Kg For Business use!
USD 1099.00

Portable nail Printer

Function: Paint 1 finger nail.
Est. Weight: 5 Kg
      Net Weight: 4 Kg Home use!
USD 1350.00

S09 New model nail printer

Demo VCD Online demo VCD
Function: Direct paint on nail.can transfer photo from mobil directly.Paint 20 artificial nails one time.
Est. Weight: 25 Kg
      Net Weight: 35Kg Business use!
USD 2550.00

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Maple nail printer can Color painting on 5 finger nails at one time, as well as on mobiles ,flowers and ornamental articles etc.

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